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Shiny Stars and Snowflakes
Once again, I find myself turning to my favorite quilling papers (hand-applied metallic-edge) to create some more holiday ornaments, although these could be used for many occasions: birthdays, 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries and so much more.

Each "petal" is assembled separately. The scroll design is achieved by creating a "husk" of 7 spokes:

then curling each spoke in opposite directions. The resulting piece is inserted into a large marquis made by wrapping another strip of the same paper around 9 prongs on an onion holder.
The petals (5 for the star, 6 for the snowflake) are glued together to make the ornament. A like number of small marquis pieces are glued together, then glued to the center.
Turns out nice, if I do say so myself!    A sparkly addition to a tree, gift, wreath, centerpiece or ???

Available in my Etsy shop: Silver Snowflake ~ Gold Star

Special Requests
A couple of friends asked me to make themed items - of course I said Yes! Both were really happy with the results.

First - pairs of Autumn-color teardrop earrings for mother and daughter using the beehive technique. I cut short strips of rust, orange and bright yellow and glued them end-to-end before curling them to achieve this look.

Cute, yes? So I made extras to sell in my Etsy shop. Click here for the large earrings, click here for the small earrings.

And then, my super-patriotic friend, who decorates her Christmas tree in red, white and blue, asked for an ornament in those colors. This was the perfect opportunity to use the Touch of Color paper: white with red edges and white with blue edges - and I had a few acryllic stars in those colors. I made rounds of circles separated by white crimped paper to frame the sparkly stars.

I still have 2 of each color of the stars, so I made extras for my shop (click here), but once they're gone, that's it - I might be able to get some more next July when the Independence Day items are sold.

Oldies but Goodies

Oldies, in this case, are ornaments that were new in my shop last year and were "favorited" by many people. I've been busy over the last couple weeks updating the listings and modifying a few of the ornaments slightly. These are some of my favorite ornaments.

The gingerbread-boy piece is from a set of seasonal packets (and are no longer available - when I run out of the 8 I have left, that will be the end of them). I replicated the gingerbread and zigzag "frosting" in the rounds surrounding the red-and-white (candy cane) spirals, and framed it all in Holiday green.

The angel-piece is one of a pair (still available and I have about 15 pairs on hand). I enhanced them this year by maiking the zigzag, replicating the zigzag in the angel's gown, in the ivory rounds from the new hand-applied gilt-edge paper I started using this year -
the shiny gold just doesn't photograph well.

A rainbow of snowflakes - clear acrylic snowflakes are surrounded by rounds of snow-white and shades of color.

All these and others are available in my Etsy shop

Quilling on Snowflakes

The three quilled designs mounted on glittery snowflakes were quite popular
last year so I'm bringing them back for
this holiday season along with 3 color variations. Most have a fine dusting of
glitter, making them sparkle!

The poinsettia remains a favorite, pretty without "dusting" (no glitter). Last year's blues design is new in purples. The pink design is now available in a colorful pinwheel layout and in black with black glitter! All are available in my Etsy shop or by clicking on the design links
(colors) in this paragraph.


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