August 2012

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When I was 8 years old, I learned to crochet - a potholder out of yarn first, then a doily out of thread. I was mesmerized by the idea of creating something beautiful. And thus began my creative journey. Since then I have tried many crafts. Some were fads whose popularity (and availability of supplies) came and went. Many are traditional crafts and variations on them. All are self-taught. Among my favorites: crochet; counted cross-stitch; Christmas ornaments and decorations; and quilling, the most artistically satisfying of them all.

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Violets and Gerber Daisies
It's always fun to get a new quilling book and try some of the designs in it. Different people have different techniques and by "practicing" theirs, you can increase your own. My most recent acquisition is called Quilled Flowers by Alli Bartkowski. This book includes 35 projects including a wee pot of violets and gerber daisy pens, as well as some I haven't started yet (hibiscus, orchid, zinnias and so much more).

These Gerber Daisy pens are bright and cheerful - and useful. I modified the instructions to cut scallops along the edge of the paper before fringing to give a rounded tip to the petals. It also makes cutting (fringing) easier and more uniform.


This tiny pot of violets is only two-and-a-quarter inches high - so very cute!


Black and White Jewelry

My son has his own Etsy shop featuring his Lego creations (he uses his middle name and calls it Christopher's Creations). He sells primarily Lego Ornaments and Lego Jewelry. His Black and White jewelry has been selling better than either of us expected: 4 necklaces, 8 dangle earrings and 15 pairs of studs (click on the pink word link to view/purchase any of these).

Four ovals and a circle, black lined with white.
That inspried me to create my own Black and White "Collection."

Click on any of the pictures to see them in my Etsy shop.


Studs, a pinwheel design in 2 sizes.

A white teardrop wrapped in black within a larger black teardrop

A white off-center circle wrapped in black within a larger black circle.

White zig-zags glued point-to-point create a honeycomb effect between rounds of black.

The beehive technique is used to create a white center witihin black beehive and wraps.

Bold, Gold, Sophisticated

One of my friends came over for lunch the other day wearing a pair of earrings that I realized instantly could be interpreted in paper - hand-gilt ivory paper to be exact. I wrapped that paper around a dowel, then pinch one end to make the teardrop shapes. A little arranging, a little gluing and viola! The result is shown here (available in my Etsy shop by clicking on the picture).


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