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When I was 8 years old, I learned to crochet - a potholder out of yarn first, then a doily out of thread. I was mesmerized by the idea of creating something beautiful. And thus began my creative journey. Since then I have tried many crafts. Some were fads whose popularity (and availability of supplies) came and went. Many are traditional crafts and variations on them. All are self-taught. Among my favorites: crochet; counted cross-stitch; Christmas ornaments and decorations; and quilling, the most artistically satisfying of them all.

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Too Early For Christmas?
Not if you're a plan-ahead kind of person!
People who craft much of what they use in their own deck-the-halls adornments need to start months in advance in order to complete their ornaments and decorations. Some of us "think holidays" all year long - it's actually kinda fun!

It turns out there are many people who start looking to purchase Christmas items months in advance, too. They get the best selection of ornaments and gifts for friends, family, teachers, co-workers, and others.

This week I'm introducing a couple of the most precious ornaments I've created yet. Click on either picture to read more about them in my Etsy shop.

DIY Ornament #1
I must have been about the last person in the world to learn "DIY" and what it meant (in case there's another soul out there who doesn't know, it stands for Do It Yourself). Crafters are inherently "do-it-yourselfers" - our homes are decorated with hand-made items and gifts are often our own creations rather than mass-produced items.

This month I'm introducing new Christmas ornaments in my shop based on my "circles" motif. Along with that, I'm offering up my first 2011 DIY ornament, available as a kit in my Etsy shop under supplies. Materials to make two ornaments, one red-green-white and the other green-red-white, are included along with instructions and tool for making circles. Click here for the kit, click here for the finished items.

Note Cards

I'm one of the (apparently) very few people who likes to hand-write notes. There's a tranquil civility about them. I like to receive them, too, but (sigh) I don't know anyone else who likes to write them!

Quilled cards take time (sometimes a LOT of time) to make and they don't mail so easily - I have to put them in their envelopes, then in a padded envelope, pay extra postage and cross my fingers hoping that they arrive looking nice (so far so good).

Here's a quicker but still personal way of making unique note cards with endless possibilities of motif. You need 6 blank note cards; a 12" by 12" sheet of scrapbook paper, design of your choice; and a 12" by 12" sheet of cardstock to coordinate or contrast with the colors in the scrapbook paper.

Cut the scrapbook paper 1/2" narrower and shorter than the folded note card. Cut the cardstock 1/4" narrower and shorter than the folded note card.

Glue a piece of the scrapbook paper to a piece of the cardstock, centering it so there is a 1/8" frame of cardstock around the paper. Do this for all 6 pieces and let the glue dry.

Glue the paper/cardstock unit to the note card, again, centering it so there is a 1/8 frame of the note card around the cardstock. Do this for all 6 pieces and let the glue dry.

Pretty, huh? Aren't you impressed with yourself?

Bonus! Use the leftover paper and cardstock to create more cards (need more blank cards).

Using a paper-edge punch or decorative scissors, trim both sides of the cardstock. Cut it in half length-wise. Glue each piece to the sides of the paper. Let the glue dry. Trim to fit on a blank note card, then glue it on.

Optional - glue an embellishment on the card. I used a quilled duck to complement the design on my paper.

Is that cute, or what!

(The finished cards in sets of 3 regular and one bonus cards are available in my Etsy shop).




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